Adriana Art Gallery

Art Gallery Adriana

is Adriana´s new online art gallery
representing original art from artists around the world.



was created in 2008 in the heart of Vienna for artists, collectors and art lovers of the world. Adriana Peterova is a certified art Art and Cultural Manager, Art Specialist, Curator and Art Fair Creator with almost 20 years experience in managing international artists and art projects.

The gallery hosts four to five major exhibitions per year, each with associated programming including lectures, music, dance, performances, fashion shows, and symposia. Broadly concerned with the exhibition of exemplary work by artists living today, Art Gallery Adriana takes pride in showing artwork of diverse media and content and makes special efforts to support and show the work of emerging and renowned professional artists locally, nationally, and internationally.

Over the past two decades the gallery has presented almost 500 exhibitions across its global locations (52 countries), also supporting the productions of artist´s publications and the presentation of works by gallery artists in multiple international art fairs (Dubai, Miami, Paris..), public galleries, museums, auctions houses and art institutions around the world.

Our art gallery is the perfect place to enjoy and buy original art in Vienna whether you desire to buy and affordable original artwork or a more internationally affirmed artist.

Art Gallery Adriana is opening soon her virtual art gallery. Online art shows have become a regular fixture in our lives while the physical galleries remain closed. The gallery guests can visit this new virtual experience of artworld directly from their homes or offices.


Mag. Adriana Daly-Peterova

Cultural Manager, Exhibition Organizer, Art Specialist

She is signed with several partner galleries in Athens, Budapest, Bratislava, Brussels, Helsinki, Miami, Milano, Paris, San Diego, Stockholm, Venice and Vienna and represents more than 5000 artists.

Her goal is to provide an opportunity for both experienced and inexperienced artists to present their work to a wider audience, including art and culture critics from museums and galleries. Her second goal is to support the artists on their creative paths, sustain development and to open new doors for them.